Guardian Review, Aug 6, 2016

Will Self, "Our digital lives and the Chaos beneath"

"Not long after I had my epiphany watching Engrenages, I was introduced to the art of Wictor Forss. Forss takes his photographs of digital TV pictures using a digital camera. Somewhere in the infinitesimal calibrations of camera shutter and screen-pulse the juicy images of sports fixtures and presenters, public buildings and marathon runners, get caught up in the gearing and squished into cubist pulp. I love the idea of Forss sitting in his studio, camera in hand and aimed at the television screen, waiting to capture the very moment at which reality itself disintegrates – it makes the bravery of even the most battle-hardened cameramen seem picayune in comparison. Forss shoots all sorts of TV images in this way, capturing

forever their mysterious evanescence – but he concentrates on sporting events of one kind or another. Why? I don’t know the answer for certain, but I suspect the interrelation of the bodies in physical games suggests to him, as it does to me, the very essence of unthinking yet feeling human communion. To see the underlying digital structure of a single human face may be disturbing enough, but to witness the disintegration of these playful groups is to bear witness, somehow, to chaos and anomie ever pullulating beneath our well-tended pitches".